National Open Surfing Team Selection Policy

Updated January 2017

1.0 Objectives:

  • To select the best athletes to represent Canada at the International Surfing Association (ISA) World Surfing Games in Biarritz, France May 20-28
  • To provide a clear pathway for athletes who strive toward being selected to represent their country

2.0 National Selection Panel:

The National selection panel for the CSA Canadian Surfing Team will comprise of:

  • CSA President – Dom Domic
  • General Manager Sport Development & High Performance – Dr. Jeremy Sheppard
  • National Coach – Shannon Brown
  • Canadian Olympic Committee Advisor – Vice President Peter Lawless


3.0 Eligibility for Surf Canada National Team Selection:

To be eligible for selection in the National Team athletes must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen with a valid Canadian passport
  • Be a registered member of the Canadian Surfing Association
  • Comply in all respects with the drugs policy of ISA and the WADA Code
  • Not be subject to any suspension or disqualification imposed by the Surf Canada or any other surfing authority having jurisdiction over the Athlete or the competition



4.0 The Canadian World Surfing Games Team:

The format of Team Canada to compete at the ISA World Surfing Games:

  • 4 x Open Men (Shortboard)
  • 2 x Open Women (Shortboard)

5.0  Selection Criteria:

5.1  Athletes

5.1.1  The CSA Surf Canada National Championships will determine the selection of the Open Men’s and Open Women’s divisions, with the exception of one position female, and two for male, which will be reserved for wildcard selection(s).

5.1.2  Where the CSA Surf Canada National event (named property – Rip Curl Pro Tofino) is within 90 days of the ISA WSG, the previous National Championship results will be deemed current.

5.1.3  Where a selected Canadian Team Member declines their selection or is unable to compete as a result of failing the medical screening and fitness test as provided in clause 6.1 below, this Athlete will be replaced with a wildcard selection.

Selection Open Women Open Men
1 Canadian Champion Canadian Champion
2 Wildcard Runner-up
3 N/A Wildcard
4 N/A Wildcard

5.2 Wildcard Selection

The wildcard selection is at the sole discretion of the National Selection Panel with special attention to:

  • Results from recognized competitions in the previous 12 months
  • What stage the surfer is in their Long Term Athlete Development Framework Vision 2020 i.e. Physical, Psychological, Technical, Tactical, etc
  • Technically most suited to the anticipated conditions of the WSG venue

6.0  Injury

6.1  In the case of a selected Canadian Team member incurring injury or incapacity to compete at the highest level in the lead up to either the ISA World Surfing Games, the athlete will be required to pass a medical screening and fitness test conducted by a CSA approved medical staff.

6.2  In relation to fitness, the determination of the Canadian Team medical staff is final.

7.0 Appeals:

Decisions made by the Selection Panel are final, there is no right of appeal.