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Sean Foerster

Surf Canada / 2018 Canadian National Team  / World / Sean Foerster

Full Name: Sean Foerster
Division: Open Men
Place of Birth: Colorado Springs
Resides in: Samara Costa Rica
Age: 19
Favorite Surf Break: G-land Bali
Board:  Mayhem
Years of surfing: 14


Have lived in Costa Rica my whole life since we moved with my parents from Colorado down to Samara where they own a small hotel. Have competed my whole life and started going up to tofino for Canadian nationals for 5 years years to qualify for the team. Unsponsored looking for support. Have more motivation then ever. Vegan. Alkaline diet. 19 years old.
Surfing, cooking, exploring, working, and being healthy and enjoying life as much as posible
Big Events:
Costa Rica under 18 national champion, Canada under 18 national champion