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Nathan Crowe-Swords

CSA Surf Canada / 2019 Canadian National Team  / Adaptive / Nathan Crowe-Swords

Full Name: Nathan Crowe-Swords
Division: AS – 2 (Stand/Kneel)
Place of Birth: Canada
Resides in: Red Deer
Age: 40
Favorite Surf Break: Nias
Board: short board
Years of surfing: 20

Nathan Crowe Adaptive-Team

I started surfing after high school as skateboarding and snowboarding were my passions and it seemed like a natural progression, it was more difficult than I anticipated and I was driven to get good. I spent my 20’s working the summers and traveling the winters all over the world searching for uncrowded perfect waves. I broke my back in 2006 (burst fracture L1) snowboarding at my local hill, and spent the next year learning to walk. my first trip post SCI was to the Bahamas and unexpectedly I was able to surf. I think the best part for me was simply that there was something I could do that was fun again, not just therapy or being in the gym. I remember giggling after getting worked by a wave and thinking maybe for the first time that I would be ok, I can still find happiness and joy. I don’t get to surf much but every time I am in the ocean I feel free, just paddling out reminds me that I am capable. Catching a wave, make it or not is a thrill, getting pounded, feeling that power is something ill never let go of. Things that make us feel small I think are when we feel most connected. Maybe that is why surfing is proving to be such a therapeutic endeavour for so many. It took me a long time to reach out to the adaptive sports community, My 6 year old daughter Sunnie has cerebral palsy and is soon going for selective dorsal rizotomy surgery to alleviate her spasticity. My hope is that I am an inspiration to her as she has been for me to keep pushing, continue fighting, and see the world for the beautiful adventure that it is. Beyond that If I were truly being honest with myself I would like to use this as a platform to help kids with any sort of disability or disadvantage to find there flow.


Fly fishing, Snowboarding, Painting, Guitar, Training, Dirt biking, Hiking, Camping. I sort of collect hobbies.

Big Events:

getting waves on the north shore post sci