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Mathea Olin


Full Name: Mathea Olin
Division: Open Women
Place of Birth: Canmore Alberta, Canada
Resides in: Tofino
Age: 15
Favorite Surf Break: Cox Bay
Board: Aftanas
Years of surfing: 8


Growing up I didn’t start surfing till I was around eight or 10 , Long before I did ballet, gymnastics and I snowboarded so I loved everything that Made body feel good . When we move to tofino I pick up surfing and fell in love with the ocean . Living in tofino I surf every day no matter if it’s snowing or raining. I’m trying to pave a new path for Canadian woman surfing. And I so happy to to represent my Country around the world.
Ballet, Yoga, Hiking, Baking, Reading, Art, Editing, Photography
Big Events:
PanAm gold in LB and bronze in short board 2017
ripcurl, Pacific coastal airlines, Live to surf surf shop, Ocean village (hotel) Shelter restaurant Tofino towel co!

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