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First-Ever ISA Women’s Judging Program A Resounding Success

First-Ever ISA Women’s Judging Program A Resounding Success

December 1-3, 2020 – The International Surfing Association (ISA) ran the first-ever specialized ISA Women’s Judging Program. It was a successful event with 127 women from 34 countries connecting online to learn from two members of the Tokyo 2020 Judging panel, ISA Technical Director Erik Krammer and ISA/WSL Judge and Longboard Champion Tory Gilkerson.

ISA news article https://www.isasurf.org/first-ever-isa-womens-judging-programa-resounding-success/

ISA and Surf Canada’s aim to promote gender equality by supporting qualified women in the inclusion of women on judging panels for Local, National and International Surfing Championships caught the attention of 14 Canadians.

Endorsed by Surf Canada, Canadians from the West Coast of Vancouver Island and East Coast Great Lakes and Nova Scotia area far exceeded the average number of interested candidates per country.

We have ladies with experience as international competitors on team Canada, national and local competitors, judges at local, national and international events, founders of female surfing organizations and schools in both Surf and SUP surf, journalists, photographers, and sports physiotherapists who are keen to make their mark in the surfing world.

We all learned a lot and felt the support to continue any passion we have to be part of the judging and officiating of future surf events. It was a real milestone to be included in this program that is supporting a wave of females now finishing their certification process for ISA Level 1 Judging. The next step for them is to gain more experience and I’m sure they have a lot to offer after these few days connecting online. Their desire to be part of this was huge. I think this shows the possibility that women will be bringing something great to the judging table in years to come.

Huge appreciation and gratitude to Surf Canada for their involvement and support. Shandy Kariatsumari