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Peter Devries

CSA Surf Canada / Peter Devries

Full Name: Pete Devries
Division: Open Men
Place of Birth: Canada
Resides in: Canada
Age: 35
Favorite Surf Break: Tofino
Board: Aftanas surfboards
Years of surfing: 20+


A thrill seeker who finds joy in both extra-large, extra-clean barrels or one-foot mushburgers, Paige feels most at home in the ocean, be it on a hydrofoil, fish, shortboard, “log” or simply bodysurfing. As a two-time WSL Big Wave World Champion, she says her biggest accomplishment is serving as a role model for the next generation, and she always tries to share what her mom taught her at an early age: “Dream big!”
Playing in the ocean, organic gardening, traveling, cooking, animals.
Big Events:
2 x WSL Big Wave World Champion
Patagonia, SOS SHAPES, Sanuk, Pakaloha Bikinis, Cor Surf, Dakine, HIBALL, Progenex