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Surf Canada and Ocean Rodeo Partnership

Surf Canada and Ocean Rodeo Partnership

Ocean Rodeo is proud to announce its national supplier partnership with Surf Canada and their Safety Teams.

Surf Canada has taken great steps in recognizing athlete safety and comfort by partnering with Ocean Rodeo.  Supplying top of the line drysuits to Surf Canada safety crews is paramount to supporting our athletes as they continue to train their way to the podium in 2020. Surf Canada and Ocean Rodeo realise that Canadian Waters are untamed, cold, and when underestimated a dangerous venture that athletes fearlessly go into everyday.

Ocean Rodeo, a Canadian manufacturer of technical marine drysuits, is familiar with the needs of safety and surf rescue teams across the globe, and is thrilled to be supporting our athletes in their quest for gold. Surf Canada’s commitment to the sport, it’s participants, and their national pride, made this partnership a natural fit for both sides.

Surf Canada’s safety teams will be wearing technical marine apparel developed by Ocean Rodeo. A unique hybrid of foul weather gear and drysuits who have been able to innovate, revolutionise and develop drysuits that have created the perfect combination of comfort with function. Having a design team at Ocean Rodeo that are all avid surfers and SUPers means that Surf Canada safety crews will have the utmost confidence knowing the years of experience that have gone into the suit designs.  

Richard Myerscough, CEO Ocean Rodeo had this to say:

At Ocean Rodeo we know first hand the massive commitment it takes to succeed at the Olympics. By providing the highest level of cold water protection and comfort to the coaches and safety teams we hope this competitive edge in comfort will let our athletes train hard, maximizing all  training and competition opportunities at home and abroad.

Go Canada!

Dom Domic, President of Surf Canada had this to say:

Surf Canada and its athletes are very proud to partner with Ocean Rodeo who is globally acknowledged as best-in-class, and as a Canadian Island-based company that shares the same principles and values as Surf Canada for its commitment to excellence in and out of the water, we truly look forward to working together as Canadian surfers go for gold.