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Surf Canada Nationals Wrap-Up at Wickaninnish Beach

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Surf Canada Nationals Wrap-Up at Wickaninnish Beach

Photo credit: Bryanna Bradley

The 2018 Surf Canada Nationals wrapped up, May 6 at Wickaninnish Beach. Ten National champions in men and women’s divisions were crowned over the course of the three-day event.

For complete results, please click HERE.

Heats in the men’s and women’s divisions started bright and early Friday morning and carried through till the first finals of the weekend on Saturday afternoon. Sunday saw competitors in Longboard, SUPSurf and U-16 girls crowned to close out what was a massively successful first edition of the event.

Jeffery Spencer and Catherine Bruhwiler took home gold in SUPsurf, while Christian Thomson and Mathea Olin took home gold in the Longboard divisions. The eldest Olin sister also captured gold in the U-16 Girl’s Shortboard division and was joined in the U-16 division by Reed Platenius, who took home gold for the boy’s Shortboard. The U-18 Shortboard divisions saw Wheeler Hasburgh and Bethany Zelasko capturing first place in their final heats, with Zelasko doubling her gold medal haul with another first place finish in the women’s Open Shortboard division.

“I am so happy with my performances this weekend,” said Zelasko. “Going into the contest, I had a goal of winning it and coming out of the contest with two wins feels great. I have been working for a national title for years and to finally win not one, but two, is such a wonderful, indescribable feeling. I have finally achieved a goal I have been working on since I was thirteen years old. Thank you to Dom and everyone who has made my dreams of winning a national title come true.

“I am so honoured to be a part of the Canadian surf team,” Zelasko added. “This event and the team has inspired me and my surfing so much. I look forward to competing in ISA’s and the Pan Am Games. I am really excited for the 2020 Olympics and I am really happy to be representing Canada.”

In the Men’s Open Shortboard, Pete Devries added a record eighth men’s title to his name after finishing at the top of the podium once again.

“It was a great event,” said Devries. “It was challenging conditions, but it was great to see all the locals down here and see where Canadian surfing is right now and it’s looking really good. There’s a lot of strong competition in all the divisions. It was a super fun weekend and I’m very stoked to get the win.”

A number of partners came on board to support the 2018 Surf Canada Nationals. The event was proudly hosted by Parks Canada, and supported by Tourism Ucluelet, Tourism Tofino, Government of Canada, Red Bull, Ocean Rodeo, Reef, Nixon, Clif Bar, BN3TH, FCS, Gorilla, Headhunter, Corkcicle, XCEL Wetsuits, Pacific Coastal Airlines, Surfrider Foundation and SBC Surf.

“It’s cool to see all these Canadians from all over the world and from locally coming together and not having to go through the rounds with the other competitors who are up for next week’s Rip Curl Pro,” Devries added. “I think it’s really important to get more events here and this is a great stepping stone into progressing performance in Canada for the up-and-comers.”

2018 Finals Results

SUPsurf Womens: Final

  1. Catherine Bruhwiler (11.73)
  2. Kristy Wright School (5.94)
  3. Lise Marie Richard (4.67)

SUPsurf Mens: Final

  1. Jeffery Spencer (12.07)
  2. Finn Spencer (9.23)
  3. Paul Boskers (6.50)
  4. Adam Schell (6.23)

Longboard Women’s: Final

  1. Mathea Solei Dempfle-Olin (11.60)
  2. Lydia Ricard (10.90)
  3. Hanna Scott (10.53)
  4. Leah Oke (8.93)

Longboard Men’s: Final

  1. Christian Thomson (12.03)
  2. Reed Platenius (11.67)
  3. Jean-Laurence Vachon Vigneault (10.47)
  4. Jeremy Bowry (6.60)

U-16 Girls: Final

  1. Mathea Solei Dempfle-Olin (11.90)
  2. Sanoa Passion Dempfle-Olin (9.20)
  3. Jasmine Porter (5.47)
  4. Aqua Bruhwiler (3.96)

U-16 Boys: Final

  1. Reed Platenius (10.43)
  2. Finn Spencer (9.10)
  3. Wheeler Hasburgh (8.77)
  4. Fred Sanford

U-18 Girls: Final

  1. Bethany Zelasko (13.33)
  2. Mathea Solei Dempfle-Olin (13.17)
  3. Sanoa Passion Dempfle-Olin (9.66)
  4. Jasmine Porter (7.34)

U-18 Boys: Final

  1. Wheeler Hasburgh (12.43)
  2. Jeffrey Spencer (10.90)
  3. Jack De Gruchy (10.00)
  4. Fred Sanford (7.57)

Open Women’s: Final

  1. Bethany Zelasko (13.36)
  2. Sanoa Passion Dempfle-Olin (9.26)
  3. Paige Alms (7.60)
  4. Mathea Solei Dempfle-Olin (6.17)

Open Men’s: Final

  1. Peter Devries (15.50)
  2. Sean Foerster (13.76)
  3. Cody Young (11.90)
  4. Michael Darling (8.83)


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